Welcome To Bury Shotokan Karate Club, Confidence- Self Discipline- Respect- Coordination- Speed- Strength- Agility- Focus - Determination. OSS


Beginners and Experienced are all welcome

Simply turn up to the Monday or Thursday session wearing suitable clothing and experience a session . It usually takes beginners a couple of months training to really start seeing the benefits. After your first couple of session, member are encouraged to own a karate gi. ¦ Uniform ¦ KUGB membership license, this provides injury insurance and allows you to participate in KUGB events such as the end of term grading and competitions.

For more information please call Sensei Antonio 07810024704 / 01787315882

Email: buryskc@gmail.com

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Tony Cadeddu 01787 315882 ¦ 07810024704 for any information ¦ Andy Sherry 9dan Chief Instructor of the KUGB





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